Spreaders SP-1675

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Volumetric Feeding System
To achieve the ideal spread pattern, material should be delivered directly to the center of the spinner. The constant volumetric feeding system on the SP-1675 does exactly that with unmatched consistency.

Adjustable Spinner
You can adjust the angle of the spinner cups to modify the spread pattern exactly as you wish. The assembly is constructed of stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance.

Inverted “V”
The patented inverted “V” baffle allows a consistent flow of materials to the material feed system.

Fitted Lid
The fitted lid provides a convenient solution for protecting the material from moisture.

Top Screen
Keep large clumps of salt out of the hopper with the provided top screen.


Model SP-1675
Empty Weight 290 lb
Overall Length 30"
Overall Height 30"
Overall Width 49½"
Hopper Length 20"
Hopper Width 48"
Capacity (Volume) 6.0 cu ft
Capacity (Weight) 480 lb
Spreading Width 4' to 12'
Speed Control Digital, self-diagnosing dual variable-speed control
Wiring Harness Completely loomed automotive style, non-combustible with molded plugs
Frame Powder coated steel
Hopper One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly
Motors 12-volt DC motor mounted in weather resistant enclosure
Spinner Drive Assembly Heavy-duty solid steel construction with maximum-torque motor drive
Spinner 12" adjustable stainless steel spinner
Auger Drive Assembly Heavy-duty solid steel construction with maximum-torque motor drive
Auger Rotary vane
Mounting Mount not included. (Receiver, 3-point or Utility mount optional)
Standard Equipment  
Top Screen 1/4" steel rod construction with grid pattern
Cover Fitted lid
Vibrator Standard
Inverted Patented vibrating baffle to maximize material flow