Snow Plows 7200LT

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Full-Trip Moldboard

A full-trip moldboard with two coil springs helps protect you, your plow and your truck when striking obstacles.

Vertical Reinforcement Ribs

Six vertical ribs support the back of the blade to add strength and protect against twisting.

Steel Cutting Edge

A 5" hardened steel cutting edge provides long-lasting performance and delivers a clean scraping action.

Easy Access Components Cover

Hydraulic components are protected with a durable poly cover that is easy to remove for quick maintenance access.

High-Strength Steel Construction

Plows are built with high-strength steel that is stronger and lighter than conventional steel.

Formed Base Channel

The formed base channel is the backbone of the plow, built with high-strength steel and multiple angles for extra stability.

Robotically Welded Headgear

Robotically welded headgear ensures quality and consistency on every SnowEx plow.

POWER GRIP™ Hand-Held Control

An easy-to-use hand-held control allows the blade to be raised, lowered and angled with one quick touch.

Automatixx™ Attachment System

The Automatixx™ attachment system provides fast and easy snowplow hook-up that can all be handled from one side of the truck.

Direct Lift

Direct lift system gives the plow a responsive full range of motion for efficient stacking and transport.


STORM SEEKER™ halogen headlamps provide a bright, smooth, wide beam pattern and absorb road vibrations.


Our high-performance, multi-stage powder coat system provides a long-lasting, maintenance-free finish.


The SECURITY GUARD™ anti-theft system electronically secures your snowplow from unauthorized use when detached from the truck.

FLEET FLEX Electrical System

The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides complete fleet interchangeability. Any SnowEx plow can be used on any truck.


Model 7200LT
Blade Width 7' 2"
Blade Height 23½"
Angle Cylinders 1"
Plowing Width (Straight) 86"
Plowing Width (Full Angle) 76.3"
Approx. Weight* 310 lb
Cutting Edge 1/4" x 5"
Blade/Wing Thickness 16 ga
Reinforcement Ribs 6
Trip Springs 2 steel