Snow Plows Path Pro 72" ZTR Kit 29210

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Unique Highway Plow Design

The Path Pro's 65-degree attack angle scrapes the surface more cleanly than standard straight blades. The highway plow-inspired flared wings scoop and funnel the snow faster and throw it farther than competitive brands.


Tough As Nails, Backed with the Best Warranty in the Industry

When you’re used to making 800-pound snow plows for full-sized work trucks like we are, you tend to build things that can take a beating. That’s why though it’s small enough to accommodate your ZTR, the Path Pro is no wimp. It’s made of 14-gauge, high-tensile steel and features a heavy-duty push frame, trip springs and grease zerks. The universal mount is forged of dual-walled tubular steel, and is sealed in a rust resistant, high-strength coating.

Ease of Use

Raise and Lower With Ease

Use the existing ZTR mower deck foot pedal to raise and lower the Path Pro.


The Path Pro fits the biggest names in the ZTR business, so take your ZTR to the next snow-destroying level.


  • Type: Full-Trip
  • Vehicle: ZTR
  • Construction: Steel


Blade Model #: Path Pro 72" ZTR Kit 29210 Blade Type: Moldboard Length:6'   Moldboard Height:18"  
Moldboard Gauge:14 ga Vertical Ribs: 4 Plow Trip Springs: 2 Cutting Edge:1/4" x 5"  
Avg Width at Full Angle:66.5"   Angling Rams:3/4" x 6-1/4"  Weight Complete:170 lbs.