Snow Plows Drive Pro 7' 6" Single Pull

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Diversify Your Airport Equipment

The Meyer Drive Pro is compatible with TUG and Harlan ground support equipment, so watch your airport tractor transform when you add this compact, rugged and easy-to-use steel snow plow.

The Meyer Drive Pro is an easy-to-use, fully functional snowplow operated from the comfort of the vehicle's cab. The Drive Pro attaches uses a custom mount, and once attached you don’t need to leave the vehicle to angle the plow.


In the snowplowing business, downtime is not an option. That’s why Meyer plows for airport tractors are built using Reliable Over-time Construction (ROC)… the detailed things we do to make our plows more rugged and reliable. ROC is the result of manufacturing improvements and state-of-the-art technology combined with stringent quality control procedures.

Ease of Use

Hands-Free Plowing - A Meyer Exclusive

Both the Meyer EZ-1 pistol grip controller and joystick controller feature diagnostics and a Hands-Free Plowing (HFP) mode. When activated, HFP uses the shift lever to control the up/down movement of the blade. The EZ-1 pistol grip controller also features double-click technology.  Simply double-click a button, and the moldboard will automatically move in that direction without having to keep your finger on the button.  The touchpad controller features backlit buttons, easy-to-use functionality and diagnostics. 


  • Type: Full-Trip
  • Vehicle: TUG & Harlan Airport Tractors
  • Construction: Steel


Blade Model #: Drive Pro 7' 6" Single Pull Blade Type: Full-Trip Moldboard Length:7' 6"   Moldboard Height:26" 
Moldboard Gauge:14 ga Vertical Ribs: 6 Plow Trip Springs: 2 Cutting Edge:3/8" x 6"  
Avg Width at Full Angle:81"
Angling Rams:1-1/2" x 10"  Weight Complete: 400 lbs