Snow Plows Road Pro 11'

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Built To Take On City Streets And Byways

Road Pro’s aggressive 65-degree attack angle, 36-inch moldboard height with 15" radial overhang throws snow higher and farther. Its unique pivot design allows it to automatically oscillate five degrees on each side to follow the contour of the road so more snow can be cleared in less time.


Weighing in at more than ¾’s of a ton, Road Pro 36-Series moldboards are constructed using 10-gauge steel or 3/8" polyethylene, and are backed with an industry leading 5-year warranty. All moldboards feature six vertical ribs and a massive black iron push frame to provide the strength needed to clean city streets and small rural neighborhoods.

Ease of Use

Turn Any Medium-duty Truck Into A Plow Truck

The Road Pro™-36 Series uses a universal mounting system that allows you to easily take the plow on or off the vehicle. This flexible mounting system will work on just about any medium-duty truck. Once the universal attachment brackets are installed, the Road Pro 36-Series can be powered with the truck's central hydraulic system or via Meyer's E-70 out-front hydraulic system.


  • Type: Full-trip or Bottom-Trip
  • Vehicle: 26,000 - 33,000 GVW municipal trucks
  • Construction: Steel or Polyethylene


Blade Model #: Road Pro 11' Blade Type: Full-Trip Moldboard Length: 11'
Moldboard Height: 36"
Moldboard Gauge: 10 ga Vertical Ribs: 8 Plow Trip Springs: 6 Cutting Edge: 3/4" x 6"
Avg Width at Full Angle: 114"
Angling Rams: 2-1/2 x 11-1/2
Weight Complete: 1660