Snow Plows Power Box 5'-8'

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The Most Versatile Box Plow

With the wings fully retracted, the Power Box flips over quickly and easily for effective back-dragging. The Power Box's wings are powered by the auxiliary hydraulics of the skid steer, tractor or compact wheel loader allowing the plow to go from 5' to 8' or 8' to 12' (depending on model) in seconds. The Power Box flips over for effective push and back-drag of snow, mud, manure and more.


Reliable Performance

The Power Box is built with the same stringent and storied Meyer quality control  all our plows receive, assuring they are more rugged and reliable and earning them the much admired and appreciated ‘longest warranty in the industry’.

Ease of Use

Easy on, Easy off

The Power Box easily attaches to tractors, skid steers and compact wheel loaders using a standard universal plate system. Using the machine's controls, the hydraulic wings easily move the plow in and out for better maneuverability.


  • Type: Patented Adjustable Containment Plow
  • Vehicle: Skid Steers, Tractors, and Compact Wheel Loaders
  • Rated Operating Capacity-Power Box 58: 1,000 - 1850 lbs.
  • Construction - Power Box 58: 7 gauge Steel
  • Powder Paint: Teflon Powder Paint
  • Weight - Power Box 58: 828 lbs.
  • Horsepower Range- Power Box 58: 35 - 49 hp


Blade Model #: Power Box 5'-8' Blade Type: Containment Plow Moldboard Length:5' 152 cm Moldboard Height:25" 64 cm
Moldboard Gauge:0.179" 4,5 mm Vertical Ribs: Plow Trip Springs: NA Cutting Edge:3/4" x 6" 1,90 cm X 15,24 cm
Avg Width at Full Angle:NA N/A Angling Rams:1-1/2" x 16" 3,81 cm x 40,64 cm Weight Complete:828 lbs