Salt Spreaders Hotshot-85 Broadcast Spreader

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Professional performance features include a rust-proof polyethylene hopper, durable carbon steel frame, convenient flow controller and a polyethylene spread plate that delivers a 10-foot spread width. The custom-fitting, see-through hopper cover keeps the material inside dry.


Durable construction and quality materials make the Meyer Hotshot-85 a great investment for professionals. The hopper is made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene, and the frame is carbon steel. An adjustable material flow controller is conveniently located on an easy grip U-shaped handle for uniform material output. An all-weather see-through plastic cover keeps material dry for reliable spreading.


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Walk-behind broadcast spreader

  • Capacity: 85 lbs.

  • Materials: Bagged rock salt, free-flowing granular material

  • Construction: Hopper made of polypropylene, frame made of carbon steel

Part #: 38115 Hopper Width:22"
Hopper Depth:11"  Hopper Height:12"  
Total Height:33"  Spread Width (min-max):0' - 10'
Empty Weight: 20 lbs
Max Capacity Load:1.4 cu ft
Max Capacity Weight:85 lbs
Spreading Material: Sand, Salt, See & Any Free Flowing Material Warranty: 1 Year Hopper Material: Poly
Spinner Diameter:12"
Spinner Material: Poly Tire Diameter:10"
Frame Material: Carbon Steel