Salt Spreaders BL240

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The Perfect Spreader For Small to Medium-Scale Jobs

Base Line tailgate models are easy-to-use and perform well for small- and medium-scale jobs. The BL-240 is available in a 3.7-cubic-foot capacity, the BL-400 is available in a 6.3-cubic-foot capacity, and the all-new BL-750 is available in a 10.5-cubic-foot capacity. An integrated motor guard protects the 1/6 HP electric motor, and it also serves as a storage stand for the spreader during off-season.


Small But Mighty

When it comes to managing snow and ice, there is nothing more frustrating than unreliable equipment. That's why we make the Meyer BL-240, BL-400, and BL-750 reliable and affordable and even back them with a two-year warranty.


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Tailgate Receiver

  • Vehicle: Light trucks/SUVs, tractors, utility vehicles

  • Capacity: BL-240: 3.7 cubic feet; BL-400: 6.3 cubic feet; BL-750: 10.7 cubic feet

  • Materials: Bagged rock salt

  • Spread width: 25 feet

  • Construction: Hopper made of polyurethane, frame made of carbon steel 

  • Motor: 1/6 HP electric

Part #: 31100 Hopper Width: 23"  Hopper Depth:18"  Hopper Height:20"  
Total Height:N/A N/A Spread Width (min-max): 3' - 25'
Empty Weight:96 lbs.
Max Capacity Load: 3.7 cu ft  
Max Capacity Weight: 240 lbs Spreading Material: Bagged Rock Salt Warranty: 2 year Hopper Material: Poly
Spinner Diameter: 9" 23 Spinner Material: Poly Tire Diameter: N/A Frame Material: