Salt Spreaders MDV-1044 Honda-SS

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Less Time Loading, More Time Spreading

The Meyer MDV provides smaller vehicles with the performance characteristics of a highway-style spreader. With 4.5 cubic yard capacity, this means less time loading and more time spreading. Similar competitive spreaders offer 25% less capacity than the Meyer MDV Spreader, so why settle for less? Many performance-enhancing components as standard on the MDV include:

  • Top Screens
  • Chain Shields
  • Inverted V
  • Baffle System


Designed for the needs of the professional contractor, Meyer’s MDV spreaders are designed to handle all that Mother Nature throws at you. Some of the key built-to-last features of our MDV line include:

  1. Slot and tab allows more a precise fit-up of our products, increasing reliability over the course of ownership.
  2. Spring-loaded front idler adjustments allow for smoother conveyor operation and sprockets to move in the event there is a jam in the conveyer.
  3. Continuous welding on the inside of the hopper to prevent materials from pitting and leading to premature rusting.
  4. Powder-coated paint for greater durability over the life of your spreader.
  5. Grease zerks at all critical points for keeping your investment up and running.
  6. Marine-grade actuator protects the inner workings from the elements and keeps your spreader operating even in the harshest environments (applied to gas models only).
  7. Stainless steel external baffle adjustment rods prevent the baffles from seizing and remaining stuck in one location.

Ease of Use

Respond to an ice event at a moment’s notice

Meyer’s MDV operating system is fully controlled from the comfort of your vehicle’s cabin.

Meyer’s gas-driven MDV comes standard with wireless controls which means no wires need to run under your vehicle. All you have to do is load the spreader into your truck bed, and you’re ready to start spreading with your hand-held controller. On electric-driven models, you can use an in-cab variable speed controller with blast feature to adjust the conveyor and the spinner.


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Insert hopper

  • Vehicle: Medium-duty (15,000 GVW and up) 

  • Length: 8-feet, 9-feet and 10-feet

  • Capacity: 3.0, 4.0 and 4.5 cubic yards

  • Materials: Salt, 50/50 salt-sand and sand

  • Construction: Stainless steel


Part #: 63955 Hopper Width:70"   Hopper Depth:120"  Hopper Height:44"  
Total Height:N/A  Spread Width (min-max):4' - 30'   Empty Weight:1570 lbs   Max Capacity Load:4.5 cu yd  
Max Capacity Weight:12150 lbs  Spreading Material: Sand, Salt Mixed Warranty: 1 Year Hopper Material: Stainless Steel
Spinner Diameter:13"   Spinner Material: Poly Tire Diameter: N/A Frame Material: