Salt Spreaders RTG CD Electric 540-SS

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Center Drop Perfect for Parking Lots

The Meyer RTG spreader easily replaces your existing tailgate and provides adequate ground clearance for the spinner mechanism. It uses a combination of a self-contained auger with removable spinners and can easily be added to any dump truck. It’s the perfect spreader for parking lots because its center drop allows for complete lane coverage.

 The Industry's Largest Spread Range

The RTG Premium dump truck spreader has an electric motor, which is easy to use and is ideal for lighter, free-flowing materials. Unlike other electric dump truck spreaders where the spreading pattern is limited, our spreader applies material up to a 40-foot range on snow and ice, the industry's largest spreading range. In addition, the RTG spreader offers separate motor controls for the auger and spinner, an 18-inch spinner disc, an anti-flow plate and a spinner stabilizer kit.



Built to Last

Meyer dump truck spreaders are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding municipal contractors. Some of the features of our built-to-last RTG spreaders include:

  1. The sealed 1/2 horsepower stainless steel auger motor and 1/2 h.p. explosion-proof spinner motor provide unparalleled reliability in rough winter environments.
  2. Marine-grade sealed electrical connections that create a watertight seal for greater uptime and less interruption.
  3. Slot and tab construction that provides a tighter, longer-lasting fit and finish to our products, thereby delivering increased reliability.
  4. Powder-coated paint for greater durability over the life of your spreader.
  5. The 3/8-inch auger flighting is the thickest in the industry for the ultimate in abrasion resistance.
  6. Hinged-top cover protects spreader during normal dump body operations and makes dump truck functional during non-spreading operations.
  7. Electric safety interlock system disables auger when opening bottom door; top cover provides safer cleanout and maintenance operations.

Ease of Use

Easy to Use, Clean and Maintain

Meyer dump truck spreaders include an adjustable spinner frame that allows you to easily change the height of the spinner mechanism. Spinners are easily removed without any tools and a hinged bottom door makes clean out and blockage removal easier. The RTG’s Electric Safety Interlock System, which disables the auger when opening the bottom door, makes for safer and easier cleaning and/or maintenance. On hydraulic models, a spinner stabilizer kit keeps the spinner parallel to the road for optimum spreading performance. For more efficient operation, an anti-flow plate prevents material from dropping through the assembly.


Quick Facts:

  • Type: Dump truck tailgate

  • Vehicle: Medium-duty dump trucks (15,000 GVW and larger) 

  • Body width: RTG: 78-84 inches, RTG-XL: 84-90 inches

  • Materials: Salt, 50/50 salt-sand mix, sand

  • Motor: Electric

  • Construction: Stainless steel

Part #: 63907 Hopper Width:96"  Hopper Depth:16.5"   Hopper Height:23"  
Total Height:N/A   Spread Width (min-max):4' - 40'   Empty Weight:540 lbs   Max Capacity Load:N/A 
Max Capacity Weight:N/A   Spreading Material: Salt, Salt/Sand Mix Warranty: 1 Year Hopper Material: Stainless Steel
Spinner Diameter:18"   Spinner Material: Poly Tire Diameter: N/A Frame Material: