Land Pride SA20

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Features Benefits
Skid/loader plate hitch Fits a wide range of tractors and skid steers.
Easy hook-up and unhook capabilities.
Loader arms can be used to apply additional down force.
Center and 18" offset mounts on
auger hitch
Choice of two mounting points allows operator to pick which mount is best for
accessing hard-to-reach places and for best line-of-sight.
Steps are incorporated into mounting points for safe entry to skid steers.
Gusseted corners & hitch bar Gusseted corners & hitch bar.
Dual openings for hose routing Allows hoses to be routed out either side of hitch frame.
Patent pending vertical indicator Indicates when auger is vertical, makes it easier to drill straight vertical holes.
2" Hex output shaft High torque resistance.
Choice of drive motors Three flow ranges (6-15 gpm, 10-20 gpm, and 15-30 gpm) cover a wide range of skid
steers and tractors.
Hydraulic hoses routed out top of
motor/gearbox housing
Allows motor/gearbox housing to follow auger into hole and dig a deeper hole without
damaging hoses. Some competitors don’t offer this.
Large selection of augers Variety of Dirt, Tree, and Rock Auger sizes and styles to suit many applications.
Large selection of Bolt-on Rock
Heads (Accessory)
Pengo Dirt Augers can be converted to Rock Augers with this accessory.


LandPride SA20