Construction Attachments Inc. Hydraulic Breaker for 4,000-15,000 LBS Skid Steers

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Designed for aiding in construction and demolition of concrete structures, rocks, asphalt, etc.

  • Constructed of high strength steel to provide structural durability
  • Auto Stop (Anti Blank Fire) System ensures less problem of the components and longer life of the breaker


Standard equipment includes:

(1) base breaker unit
(1) mounting bracket
(1) chisel point
(1) tool kit
(1) nitrogen gauge for checking pressure
(1) operators manual

  • Specify make and model of host machine when placing order
  • Weights may vary based on selected hitch styles

Underwater Kits for Hydraulic Breakers Are Available

Warning Read All Details

  • Use of unsuitable hydraulic couplers or hoses can cause damage to internal components of breaker.
  • Dry firing hydraulic breaker can result in damage to internal components of breaker and host machine.
  • Chisel paste must be used with hydraulic breakers, using high temperature grease as a substitution for chisel paste will cause damage to components of breaker.
  • Consult with appropriately trained hydraulic specialists prior to placing breaker into service.
  • Read operators manual before use.
  • Check hydraulic flow and pressure before use.
  • Instruct owner/operator on proper use of hydraulic breaker before delivery of machine or product.


Model 1BR550B-SS , 1BR850-SS , 1BR1000B-SS
Item No. CAL550B , CAL850B , CAL1000B
Energy Class (FT-LBS) 550-1000
Blows Per Minute 380-1,100
Weight (LBS) 562-1106
Machine Weight Class (LBS) 4,000-15,000 lbs
System Hydraulic Pressure Requirement (PSI) 1,595-3,500
Oil Flow Requirement (GPM) 7.9-24.8
Tool Diameter (IN) 2.76-3.15
Host Machine


Bobcat 553, 753, 763, 773, S175, T140, T180, T190, T110, 5100
Case 40XT, 60XT, 70XT, 75XT, 410, SR130, SR150
Caterpillar 216, 216B, 226, 226B, 232B, 247B
Daewoo DSL601
Doosan 430
Gehl 3725, 3825, 3635, 3935, 3640E, 4240E, R190, CTL55
Hyundai HSL650-7A
JCB 160/HF, 135, 155, 175, 190, 205, 150T
John Deere 240, 250, 260, 270, 313, 315, 318D, CT315
Mustang 2026, 2041, 2044, 2054, 2056, 1900R
New Holland LS140, LS150, LS160, LS170, L213, L215
Takeuchi TL130, TL220
Volvo MC60C, MC70C, MC85C, MC95C
Yanmar S165R, S190R


ASV RC-50, RC-60, SR-70, SR-80, RCV, RC-85, RC-1 00
Bobcat 763, 773, 863, 864, 873, 883, 963, A220, A300, S130, S150, S160, S175, S185, S205, S220, S250, S300, S330, T140, T180, T190, T200, T250, T300, S630, S650, S750, T630, T650, S510, S530, S550, S570, T550, S590, T590
Case 40XT, 60XT, 70XT, 75XT, 85XT, 90XT, 95XT, 420CT, 440 CT, 445CT, 450CT, 420, 430, 435, 440, 445, 450, 465, SR 175, SR 200, SV 185, TR270, TR320
Caterpillar 216, 226, 226B, 228, 232B, 236, 236B, 242B, 246, 246B, 248, 252, 252B, 262B, 259B, 279C, 289C, 247B, 257B, 277C, 287C
Daewoo DSL1760XL
Doosan 440, 450, 460
Gehl 4635/DX, 5635/DX, 6635/DX, CTL60, CTL70, CTL80, 364E, 424E, 4640E, 4840E, 5640E, 4240E, R190, R220, R260, V270, V330, RT175, RT210, CTL55
Hyundai HSL650-7A, HSL850-7A
JCB 160/HF, 170/HF, 185/HF, 190/HF, 1105/HF, 1100/HF, 155, 175, 190, 205, 150T, 225, 260, 280, 300, 330, 190T, 205T, 225T
John Deere 240, 250, 260, 270, 317, 320, 325, 328, CT322, 320D, 326D, 319D, 323D
Komatsu SK714-5, SK815-5, SK818-5, SK820-5, SK1020-5, SK1026-5
Kubota SVL75, CK30-1, CK35-1
Mustang 2044, 2054, 2056, 1900R, 2076, 2200R, 2086, 2600R, 2700V, 3300V, 1750RT, 2100RT
New Holland L150, L160, L160, LS160, L170, LS170, L180, LS180, L185, L190, LS190, 0175, C185, C190, L218, L220, L223, C227, C232, C238
Takeuchi TL130, TL150, TL140, TL230, TL240, TS50R, TS50V, TS60R, TS60V, TS70R, TS70V, TL10
Volvo MC60C, MC70C, MCT85C, MC85C, MC95C, MC110C, MC115C, MC135C
Yanmar S165-R, S190R, S220R, S270V, T175, T210


ASV SR-80, RCV, RC-85, RC-1 00
Bobcat 963, A300, S220, S250, S300, S330, T250, T300, S770, S850, T750, T770, T870, 5630, 5650
Case 90XT, 95XT, 440, 445, 445CT, 450, 450CT, 465, SR220, SR250, SV250, SV300, TR320, TV380, TR270
Caterpillar 246B, 252B, 262B, 259B, 279C, 289C, 299D, 257B, 277C, 287C
Doosan 450, 460
Gehl 7600/DX, 7800/DX, CTL80, 4640E, 4840E, 5640E, 5640E TURBO, 6660E, RT175, RT210, RT250, V270, V330, R220, R260, V400
Hyundai HSL850-7A
JCB 190/HF, 1110/HF, 225, 260, 280, 300, 330, 260T, 300T, 320T
John Deere 325, 328, 332, CT332, 328D, 332D, 329D, 333D, 329E, 333E
Komatsu SK818-5, SK820-5, SK1020-5, SK1026-5, CK30-1, CK35-1
Kubota SVL90
Mustang 2076, 2200R, 2086, 2600R, 2700V, 3300V, 4000V, 1750RT, 2100RT, 2500RT
New Holland LS190, L150, L160, L170, L175, L180, L185, L190, C175, C185, C190, L225, L230, C227, C232, C238
Takeuchi TL150, TL250, TS50V, TS60V, TS70R, TS70V, TL10, TL12
Volvo MC110C, MC115C, MC135C, MCT125C, MCT135C
Yanmar S220R, S270V, T175, T210

Contact us if your host machine is not listed.

OEM Colors Available Yes
Designed For Use aggressive applications, construction, road construction, quarries, demolition, underwater use, compacting, tunneling, sloping, trenching
Suitable For Skid Steers