Construction Attachments Inc. Hydraulic Breaker for 32,000-70,000 LBS Mid-Large Excavators

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Designed for aiding in construction and demolition of concrete structures, rocks, asphalt, etc.

  • Constructed of high strength steel to provide structural durability
  • Silence kit ensures noise protection, prevents dust and debris from entering breaker housing
  • Cushion Damper provides protection to the host machine
  • Auto Stop (Anti Blank Fire) System ensures less problem of the components and longer life of the breaker


Standard equipment includes:

(1) base breaker unit
(1) mounting bracket
(1) chisel point
(1) tool kit
(1) nitrogen gauge for checking pressure
(1) operators manual

  • Specify make and model of host machine when placing order
  • Weights may vary based on selected hitch styles

Underwater Kits for Hydraulic Breakers Are Available

Warning Read All Details

  • Use of unsuitable hydraulic couplers or hoses can cause damage to internal components of breaker.
  • Hydraulic lines < 60 gpm – use 1.0 inch lines AND > 60 gpm – use 1.25 inch lines.
  • Dry firing hydraulic breaker can result in damage to internal components of breaker and host machine.
  • Chisel paste must be used with hydraulic breakers, using high temperature grease as a substitution for chisel paste will cause damage to components of breaker.
  • Consult with appropriately trained hydraulic specialists prior to placing breaker into service.
  • Read operators manual before use.
  • Check hydraulic flow and pressure before use.
  • Instruct owner/operator on proper use of hydraulic breaker before delivery of machine or product.


Model 1BR3200B-EX , 1BRBR4500B-EX , 1BR6000B-EX
Item No. CAL3200B , CAL4500B , CAL6000B
Energy Class (FT-LBS) 3,200-6,000
Blows Per Minute 250-800
Weight (LBS) 3,336-5,762
Machine Weight Class (LBS) 32,000-70,000 LBS
System Hydraulic Pressure Requirement (PSI) 2,320-2,755
Oil Flow Requirement (GPM) 34.4-73.9
Tool Diameter (IN) 4.92-5.9
Host Machine


Medium to Large Excavators

Case 9020B, 9030B, CX160, CX210
Caterpillar 313B, 315C, 315C L, 318B, 318C L, 315DL, 316E
Daewoo 170
Doosan S175LCV, DX180
Hitachi EX160-V, EX200V, ZAXIS 210W, ZAXIS 160LC, ZX180LC
Hyundai R145LCR-9, R160LC-9, R180LC-9
JCB JS160, JS145
John Deere 160LC, 160C LC, 180CW, 200LC, 200LC LF, 595D, 160D, 160G
Kobelco SK160LC, ED180, ED190, SK115, 907LC, SK120, ED160
Komatsu PC150-6, PC150LC-6, PW170ES-6, PC158USLC-2, PC160LC-7
Link Belt 160LX, 2700, 160 X2-X3
New Holland EC160, EW160, EW200, E160
Volvo EC150, EC160D


Medium to Large Excavators

Case 9030B, 90408, CX210, CX225SR, CX240, CX290
Caterpillar 315C, 318B, 318CL, 3200, 320CL, 320DL, 322C, 324DL, 318E, 320E, 321D
Daewoo 200, 220
Doosan S175LCV, S225LCV, S225LCVSLR, S255LCV, DX235
Hitachi EX160-V, EX200-V, EX230-V, ZAXIS 200LC, ZAXIS 210W, ZAXIS 225US, ZAXIS 240LC-3, ZAXIS 270LC-3, ZX180LC-5, ZX250LC-5
Hyundai 210, R180LC-9, R210LC-9, R235LCR-9, R250LC-9, R260LC-9A
JCB JS160, JS220, JS190, JZ235
John Deere 160LC, 200LC, 200LC LF, 230LC, 2000 LC, 210CW, 225C RTS, 670ELC, 200D, 220D, 160G, 180G, 190D, 210G, 220D
Kobelco 235SRLC, SK21 OLC, SK250LC, SK290LC, SK230
Komatsu PC150-6, PC150LC-6, PC200LC-6, PC200LC-8, PC200-6B, PC220LC-6, PC220LC-8, PW170ES-6, PC228USLC-3, HB215LC-1, PC210LC-10, PC240LC-10
Link Belt 21 OLX, 225, 240LX, 2800, 3400, 160 X2-X3, 210 X2-X3, 250 X3, 240 X2
New Holland EC215, EW250, E215, ECR235DL, EC220D
Volvo EC210, EC240


Medium to Large Excavators

Case 9040B, 0X240, 9045B, 0X240, CX290, CX300, CX250
Caterpillar 3200, 3220, 325B, 324DL, 325DL, 328DLCR, 330DL, 325CL, 320E, 321D, 324E, 329E
Daewoo 290
Doosan S255 LCV, S300 LCVSLR, DX 300, DX 300LL
Hitachi EX200-V, EX230-V, EX270-V, ZAXIS 270LC-3, ZX250LC-5, ZX290LC-5
Hyundai R210LC-9, R235LCR-9, R250LC-9, R260LC-9A, R290LC-9, R300LC-9A
JCB JS220, JS260, JS190, JZ235
John Deere 200LC, 200LCLF, 230LC, 270LC, 225C RTS, 240D LC, 270D LC, 225D, 250G, 290G, 210G, 250G, 290G
Kobelco 235SRLC, SK210LC, SK250LC, SK290LC, SK230, SK260
Komatsu PC200LC-6, PC200-6B, PC220LC-6, PC220LC-8, PC270LC-6MH, PC270LC-8, PC228USLC-3, PC228USLC-2, PC210LC-10, PC240LC-10, PC290LC-10
Link Belt 290LX, 3400, 3900, 210 X2-X3, 250 X3, 300 X3, 240 X2, 290 X2
New Holland EC240, EC270
Volvo EC290, EC250D, EC300D

Contact us if your host machine is not listed.

OEM Colors Available Yes
Designed For Use aggressive applications, construction, road construction, quarries, demolition, underwater use, compacting, tunneling, sloping, trenching
Suitable For Excavators